DIY Lip Gloss

Every girl loves a good lip gloss. In fact, most girls can’t leave the house without it. There are so many colors on the market that I, like most girls, want (and sometimes feel I need) them all. But lets be real, I’m not looking to spend my whole bank account on fifty shades of pink.

Luckily, I was watching videos on Lo Bosworth’s blog ( and came across an amazing DIY lip gloss recipe. It’s super simple, and you can create literally any shade of lip gloss you want, however much you want of it, and its just as good as store brands (but cheaper!).

All you need is Aquaphor (similar to vaseline), and any powder that is the shade you want your gloss to be (blush, eyeshadow, bronzer, you name it!). Creating your own personal lip gloss only takes one step— mixing Aquaphor with the powder of your choice. You can add as little or as much powder as you want, according to how dark or light you want your shade to be. I was astonished with how quick, easy, and cheap this beauty recipe was, and now I use it all the time.

For Lo’s full tutorial check out the video at



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