Psyched about Cyc


The fitness fanatic that I am, I have been in love with SoulCycle since way back when, maybe even when it first started. There was a studio about ten minutes from my house, and I loved going with friends. I mean, who doesn’t love partying on a bike with your best friends, and burning cals at the same time?! Coming to college and practically starting a whole new life, I was nervous about having to start a brand new fitness schedule and routine. I mean, no more Equinox membership, no more SoulCycle down the road, no more peaceful village running paths. To be completely honest, I was freaked (especially with all those Freshman15 rumors everyone swears by)! Here’s when Cyc Fitness comes in— lets just say Cyc saved my ass, and Cyc kicks my ass (hey- not complaining!) It is a 45 minute stationary party- on- a- bike that activates the whole body~ basically very similar to SoulCycle. What makes it different and fun (and maybe better 😉 )?! The weighted sectors (usually 3-4 songs per class) are inspired by sports movements such as swimming, volleyball, and boxing. I am lucky enough to live literally 30 seconds away from one of the Cyc studios, and it has become like my second home (is that weird…? Probably) They have studios in Madison and New York City, as well as Austin, TX and Atlanta, GA. With constant deals, friendly competitions, and fun give aways, it is safe to say that I have become hooked to the Cyc Method. I am always looking forward to that Monday morning email of new events and themed rides for the week ahead. Check out the Cyc Method here at their site !! Xx, Tash

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