Victoria’s Secret Sport

While I love the Lululemon, Nike, and other high end brand workout clothes, I wouldn’t say I’m an obsessive buyer needing the next new style of Lulu spandex. These brands can be way too expensive for one ankle length piece of nylon or a sports bra (or even socks, for that matter). When I’m looking to buy new workout clothes- I look to Victoria Secret’s Sport line. Whenever I tell people that, they’re like, “What! Are you serious?” And don’t believe that I buy my bras, makeup, and exercise gear all from the same spot. But why wouldn’t you want to wear the same workout clothes as Candice Swanepoel or Doutzen Kroes to boost your game and your motivation, eh? Victoria’s Secret Sport not only has really really cute stuff, but they also have a ton of styles (some better than Nike or Lululemon, in my opinion), and it’s not too overpriced. VSX has a really great line of sports bras (of course they do) with an array of styles to fit your body’s needs. They also carry really cute spandex fit for any workout, whether you’re hitting the boxing ring or attending a peaceful yoga class, as well as tanks, accessories, and jackets. Here are a few cute items that can be found on their site…

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Feel free to check out their whole collection at Xx, Tash

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