Coco for Coconuts


When I was young, my babysitter (a native from the island of St. Vincent) used to tell my brothers and I to drink as much coconut water as possible. It was, she stated, the “healthiest thing in the world”. Being so young, I thought it tasted disgusting and could hardly bear a sip. In those days, coconut water was known to be healthy, but it was hard to find and no where near as popular as it is today.

In recent years, the wonders of the coconut have become a phenomenon and people just won’t stop talking about them. Not only does this electrolyte-filled drink bring great memories of past holidays in the tropics, but it has been claimed to be the natural answer to great health.  I was aware that coconut water was extremely hydrating and healthy, but I was never really sure why, or to what extent. So, I did a little research on the acclaimed to fame seed and the water that it produces, and here are some fun facts that I found…

  1. Coconut water is 95% water, and also contains potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, protein, and sugar. Basically, it’s all goodness!
  2. It suppresses the appetite, making you feel full due to its rich nature. This helps aid in weight-loss efforts.
  3. Topical application of coconut water has the ability to clear up, moisturize, and tone the skin, as well as helping eliminate oil.
  4. The ultimate hangover remedy. Enough said.
  5. The high concentration of fiber aids in prevention of indigestion, and reduces acid reflux.
  6. With such high levels of potassium, it is a much better replenisher than any energy drink.
  7. Due to its adequate supply of each electrolyte, it helps reduce blood pressure and can be used as a balancing mechanism.

Basically, coconut water is what it is made out to be— the healthiest thing, ever. One eight ounce serving contains 45-60 calories, so although it is more energy dense than water, its positive effects outweigh this completely. Just make sure when stocking up, you don’t go for the brands with tons of added sugar!



One thought on “Coco for Coconuts

  1. The only thing better than cocoH2O is coco + cocoa! Check out for a great 100% Paleo Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe involving the two and let us know what you think!


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