Stay Warm While Still Looking Stylish


Growing up in New York, and now living in the even colder city of Madison, Wisconsin, I have learned to accommodate my wardrobe and street style for the colder winter weather. In order to stay warm, while still staying stylish, my two rules are 1. Layer, layer, layer! And 2. Mix basics with statement pieces.

Layers. Now this is key. Having a few bigger sweaters, ponchos, or flannels that you can throw over a blouse, plain T, button up (or just about anything, for that matter) are very useful. This will (guaranteed) keep you warmer, and allows you to easily mix different prints and textures. What if you get too hot? Easy! Tie the flannel or sweater around your waist for a polished look. Layering allows you to incorporate multiple basic items into your outfit while creating or maintaining your own personal style.

Rule number two: Statements. In my opinion, this makes getting ready in the morning much quicker and less stressful. I like to carry some chunky scarves, statement necklaces, and jackets in my winter wardrobe. This way it’s easy to throw on a plain sweater with your favorite pair of denim, and wear it so many different ways. (No one will ever know you’ve worn it twice in one week, trust!)

Here’s another secret tip of mine— when it gets really cold out, like I’m talking negatives, don’t be scared to throw on an under armor dry fit or thermal leggings (under the pants) for extra protection. I do it all the time, it makes a huge difference and no one will ever notice!

What tips do you guys have to stay warm during these frigid months?



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