Drug Store Beauty Products that I Swear By

Makeup by brands like Bobbi Brown, Chanel, or Dior, while they are great, they are also breaking our bank accounts. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of spoiling myself with the occasional trip to Sephora and spending a little too much on the latest bronzer or eyeshadow. But, I have also experimented a lot with cheaper beauty products from my local Value Drugs or Walgreens. Not only have I played around with some of these products, but I have kept going back to buy more. Why? Well, other than my (slight) obsession with makeup, I find that some of the cheaper drug store products are better than the fancy, high- priced cosmetics found in higher- end stores. Example A— I recently switched from a $40 Bobbi Brown bronzer to a $4 drug store bronzer. No joke. So, why waste all that money on expensive makeup, when you can splurge on multiple drug store products for the same price?

Anyways, here a a few of my favorite drug store beauty products that I swear by:

Click product below for link:

Revlon Lipstick

Covergirl Mascara

Maybelline Concealer 

Garnier BB Cream

Wet N’ Wild Bronzer



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