Smart and Stylish Backpacks


Like all other college students, I have to go through the torture of carrying around my heavy books and laptops basically everywhere I go. What makes this a lot less hard work is being able to do it in style. Back in my middle school days, everyone had those ugly, huge JanSport or NorthFace backpacks with a million pockets and buckles. It was the “cool” thing to have, but now I would say it’s not so “cool”. That’s because now there are a ton of trendy backpacks on the market that are just as functional as the indestructible, life-proof NorthFace ones. Many high-end designers make them, but if you’re not looking to spend all of last months pay check just quite yet, there are also really cute ones that are reasonably priced. And hey, who said backpacks were only a student’s necessity? Backpacks are a great accessory or statement piece for any occasion, for any age! In fact, many call the comeback of this accessory the “Grown-Up Backpack”!




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