How to Actually Remove Your Makeup

Whether you want to admit it or not, every girl has the same problem. We begin to wind down after a long day or a late night, and the thought of removing our makeup seems close to impossible. Thoughts go through our heads like “It won’t make a difference if I just take it off in the morning..”, or “I don’t even have that much on.. I can just leave it.” The simple task of walking all the way to the bathroom sink and rubbing on some facial cleanser is just too much trouble for most women (as sad as that sounds). So, many revert to the oh-so-easy process of wiping a makeup removing pad across our painted faces. One easy step, and you’re done. Light’s out.

Unfortunately, its not that easy. In this case, all you’ve done is smeared the foundations and bronzers across your face even more, added a little bit more oil and bacteria, and topped it off with un-friendly chemicals from the wipes. So, as much as you don’t want to hear it, it comes down to the fact that makeup removing pads just don’t cut it for cleaning and pampering your pores. Sure, you can still use them, but it’s much more effective if you rinse your face afterwards.

What’s the alternative to this lazy-girl beauty trick? Your best (and cleanest) option is to rub an oil (coconut works) onto your skin, and then wipe it off with warm water and a (clean!) towel. Follow up and finish up with a facial cleanser, and then your face will be soft and clean as ever. Oh! And be sure not to forget to moisturize :).



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