The Look: Sporty Chic

Nike sneakers are one shoe that I think can totally make an outfit, transforming it from an 8 to a 10. They have the ability to give your look a sporty-chic vibe, and, since the styles come in practically every color of the rainbow, they give it a pop as well! Now, some might disagree with me, who maybe aren’t into the sporty-chic look, but lately its completely been on trend. Whether you’re literally headed to the gym, running errands around the city, or going to catch a flight, they are the perfect shoe as they have an A+ in the comfort category. My favorite is matching them with my favorite pair of skinny denim and a basic t for a casual, quick and easy look. Recently, many designers have been coming out with their own versions of the sporty sneaker. But, if you’re sticking to a budget, I would stick to the original Nike versions. They keep on coming out with cooler, more high-tech styles. And even better, if you don’t like what they’ve come up with, you can customize your own! Here are a few new styles out now:




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