Pre and Post Workout Fuel


photo by @teatanandtoned

You’ve probably heard it a million and one times, but when trying to get into shape, what you eat is just as important as your workout itself. In fact, pre and post-workout meals are crucial if you are looking to seek results— whether your goal is weight loss or muscle definition. Your body needs to fuel up before and then recharge after any workout. Waking up and heading straight to the gym on an empty stomach is not ideal, and will bring you minimal results. Not to mention, this routine will most likely lead you to a sugar craving or binge when the clock strikes 4pm.

I’m no expert on this topic, and I’m no certified nutritionist or health trainer, but I would say I have a pretty good sense of the do’s and dont’s when it comes to fitness. I will spill to you what has worked for me, and what I believe will bring max results. I think it’s important to be sure to eat your pre-workout snack at least 45 minutes before your workout, and refuel at most 45 minutes post-workout. In general, carbs are what you need to energize you before a workout, and proteins are your BFFS when it comes to muscle growth after leaving the gym. However, if you are looking for a whole meal (not just a quick snack), try to incorporate both protein and carbs with veggies for some hydration and an antioxidant boost.

It’s often hard to find a yummy, quick snack to fit into a busy schedule, so here are a few ideas for pre and post workout snacks that will maximize your workout as well as your results:


  1. Whole wheat toast with sliced bananas and almond butter: Both types of carbs, raised potassium levels, lots of energy and protein
  2. Greek Yogurt and granola or fruit: Easily digestible, gives you good fat and protein
  3. Fruit smoothie: Make it with Greek yoghurt and any fruit: Lots of protein, energy, and time efficient!
  4. Oatmeal with fruit (bananas or berries work well): Slowly digestible, so you will have energy continuously released during your workout
  5. Apple and almond butter: Fills you up on vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with fat that will amp up energy levels


  1. Grilled Chicken with veggies: Lots of lean protein and carbs, will fill you up and replenish your muscles
  2. Veggie and Avocado Omelet: A perfect mix of protein, fats, and good carbs, with lots of nutrients
  3. Chocolate Milk: Who woulda thought?! Chocolate milk is great as it rehydrates and provides your body with protein and carbs
  4. Protein Shake: Quick, easy, replenishing, and not to mention deeeelish! (will to a post on my fav recipe later this week)
  5. Quest Bar: The best protein bar on the market. Heat this baby up for 30 seconds and it’s literally heaven for your taste buds (I usually eat one a day, chocolate chip and smores flavors are to die for)



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