The White Zombie


I’m pretty much a coffee addict. But not the kind of coffee addict who gets cranky and a roaring headache when they are deprived of their morning cup. I love coffee not for the hype, but for the taste. I just love the nutty flavor, and can’t get enough! And not to mention the foam that floats atop a cappuccino (my go-to coffee drink). Literally heaven in a cup.

There is a really quaint coffee shop called CoffeeBytes a block away from my dorm, where I spend the majority of my time doing “work” (or watching Netflix..) Kidding, I actually love getting my homework done there. Anyways, at the beginning of the year, I decided to rear away from my standard Cappuccino, and explore the menu a little bit since I was there so often. So, I tried a drink called the White Zombie. I had never heard of it before, but let me tell you, this White Zombie is a game changer. The secret to its success is that it uses white coffee beans, which are baked rather than roasted. These beans are cooked at a dry heat for a longer period of time at a lower temperature. It gives off a sweet, nutty flavor that is more subtle than a roasted bean. Honestly, first sip, you wouldn’t even believe that it is coffee. But, it for sure gives you the coffee- hype as white beans contain more caffeine than the classic roasted bean.

As the taste of a White Zombie is subtle, I like to add a flavor. Again, I’ve done my experimenting with an array of flavors: hazelnut, caramel, vanilla… But for sure the hazelnut flavor is my favorite. Every time I have a sip I float to Cloud 9 (well it feels like it, anyways). Definitely a hidden gem, the White Zombie is not found in many coffee shops. But, next time you’re hitting up your favorite spot for your daly dose, ask if they carry this unique bean, and you’ll probably become just as hooked as I am.