Homemade Guacamole


As I already mentioned in a previous post, one activity that my mom and I get up to when I’m home is cooking. We have fun experimenting with a variety of different ingredients and looking into our selection of cookbooks. It gets really exciting when we think of something extra crafty. But on this occasion, we had no choice but to use up all of the avocados that she had bought before they went all gross and brown. With that said, we went with a simple and quick guacamole recipe that, when my dad tried it, thought we bought it because it was so delicious! I like my guacamole more chunky than smooth ~ I think it gives it a fresher taste, bringing it a more home-made feel. But, this is totally up to you ~ if you like it smoother, just be sure to mix it up more thoroughly and chop your ingredients into smaller pieces. The quantity of all your ingredients is totally your preference, so test things out until you get it just right!


Ingredients                                                                                     Amount

(Ripe) Avocados                                                                           3

Tomatoes                                                                                       I used about 6 cherry tomatoes

A little bit of garlic                                                                       About 1TB

Onion                                                                                               About 3TB

Sea Salt                                                                                           Sprinkle to taste

Cayenne Pepper                                                                         Sprinkle to taste

IMG_7927 IMG_7929

IMG_7934 IMG_7932


  1. Peel and cut avocados into slices, then mix until it’s as smooth as you like
  2. Chop tomatoes into small chunks
  3. Cut onion and garlic into small pieces
  4. Mix the tomatoes, onion, and garlic in with the avocado
  5. Add salt and cayenne pepper to taste
  6. Grab yourself a bowl of chips (or carrots if you’re feeling healthy!) and snack up!