Spruce ~ The Online Dermatologist


A few weeks ago, out of thin air, my skin started breaking out. I freaked out because a. no one wants gross bumps creeping up under their skin (ew) and b. I had no idea what was causing it. Same skin care routine, same diet, same everything. WHAT!! How is this possible?

To make things even worse, I couldn’t get an appointment to see my dermatologist for a whole week. Seven more days with my skin looking like a pre-pubescent teenage girl with braces and side bangs? Um, no thanks. Side note- exaggeration my skin did not look nearly as bad as that. But regardless, to me it was an issue and I needed to find a solution.

Here’s where Spruce comes in, and saves my skin’s life. So I was doing some frantic internet searching in pursuit of a fast cure. I came across Spruce, which is a virtual dermatologist. This (**first visit free**) app allows you to connect with professional dermatologists without moving an inch from your couch. No joke, my beauty hitch was solved in about one hour and I seriously didn’t even leave my couch, or the Kardashians marathon, for that matter. After entering in standard medical information and answering general questions, I was asked to send pictures of my symptoms and wherever the acne-prone areas occur.

Within 24 hours you are guaranteed to get a personalized treatment plan with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions and even prescriptions sent digitally to your local pharmacy. When they say 24 hours, they’re just being modest. I received my diagnosis and prescription in less than one hour! Crazy!


But the mastermind doesn’t stop here. After your first free “visit”, you are able to ask any questions and you will receive personal responses, prescription refills and follow-up visits with your personal doctor, and it’s possible to share your Spruce care record with your primary care physician.

My skin is proof that this app is pure genius and the dermatologists actually know what they’re talking about. After about one week of using the two creams that I was prescribed, my skin magically cleared up! I still use the two products religiously, and am almost ready for my first re-fill! Actually I am such an advocate for this app that my friends wouldn’t hear the last of it. It was a running commentary of every step of my first-visit, my life-altering experience. Hands down, best doctors visit I’ve ever had!