DIY Protein Shake


Last spring, I became addicted to the protein shakes at the little cafe at my local Equinox. I would pick one up after each workout, and they were the perfect post workout snack—so delicious and replenishing for your body. However, if you add the price of one week’s worth of protein shakes all together, they can get pretty expensive. So, to be cost effective, I started making my own! The recipes were so simple that I thought it was almost easier to make them in my own kitchen. Also, I could incorporate my favorite ingredients and create personal recipes, instead of having to pick one off of the cafe’s menu.

Here is a recipe that is one of my all time favorites: it’s simple, delicious, milk-shake like, home-made, and FULL of protein. What makes it a little different (and better!) is the added chocolate flavored protein-coconut water, which gives it an extra chocolatey flavor, extra protein, and extra hydration.


1/2 banana (or a whole, for a thicker consistency)

1/2 cup strawberries

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1/2 carton of Coco Libre chocolate protein-coconut water

1 cup ice

&&& sometimes for an extra energy kick, I add a little bit of coffee too!

Blend until all the ice has been crushed and the consistency is smooth.