Stars, Stripes and Gingham


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I may not have been within borders on the day known as the New Years Eve of July, but I was still displaying my American pride in the country that started it all, England! I guess you could consider my scenario a bit controversial: I’m British, but I’m also American…. So whom do I side with? Well I’ve never officially chosen, because then I’d feel as if I’m cheating on the other. Instead, I like to stay within a friendly medium between the two (haha).

The historic day has turned from a day of sole remembrance to a day filled with celebrations, friends and fun. Stripes and stars filter the decadent streets with parades and festivities all across the country. The best part? Arraying yourself in the greatest collection of reds, whites and blues that you can get your hands on. From American flag one piece swimsuits, to blue and white striped jumpsuits and red gowns; however formal or informal your day, it’s always fun to plan an outfit that may be a bit more out there than your norm (whether it be a patterned polka-dot or a bold red). Although in London, I still had a great time putting together my look in celebration. I went with a blue and white gingham print crop-top and white high-wasted shorts. Accessories consisted of bright red lips, silver sandals, a pale bag and sunnies that topped of the 70’s look. I don’t normally go with a bold lip color, but I have to admit I felt more put together with it on, and I felt it made the outfit more timeless.

Top: ASOS (exact)

Bottoms: Zara (similar)

Bag: Zara (exact)

Shoes: Sam Edelman (exact)

Sunglasses: Unknown (similar)







Aussie: Asymmetry and Simplicity


The past few weeks have been completely crazy, and I have 100% been slacking on my posts. This has seriously been stressing me out and I have been feeling really guilty, so don’t worry I promise I’m back! After Abu Dhabi I spent two-three weeks in Australia, based in Melbourne (where my brother is studying). I spent one full week in Melbourne and then my brother and I ventured off into the unknown where we found ourselves cuddling with Koalas in the rainforest and swimming with sea turtles in the Great Barrier Reef. It was honestly one of the funnest, “yoloist” and most memorable three weeks of my life. I was hoping to leave with a new Australian accent, but instead I left with incredible memories and many new furry Kanga and Koala friends (satisfied!).

My first week in Melbourne was great, because I got to know the city really well. As it’s not that hard to get around and my brother was busy with classes that week, I spent most of my time wandering and exploring on my own. The weather was kind of (actually very) confusing- it’s currently winter there, but winter to them is like September/October/mid 60’s weather. WTF?! Packing was the most stressful thing ever- do I bring my winter jackets or do I not? And shoes? I had no idea. Here is one look I wore on one of the first days- it was so cold (and I was unprepared), so had to run to Topshop to buy this grey coat (not complaining about it, though).

This outfit reminded my of the Jacquemus Pre-Fall 2015 runway show. A ‘60s vibe combine with back-to-school uniform to sum it up. The effortlessness, symmetrical proportion, and simple hues are very similar to the pieces that make up this collection. Hope ya like it!

Blouse- Zara

Coat- Topshop

Jeans- Topshop

Lace Ups- ASOS

Back- Rebecca Minkoff

Sunnies- unknown boutique in London








A Day at the Pier


As I mentioned in my previous post, during my stay in LA, my brother and I adventured off onto the Santa Monica pier for an afternoon of childish fun. Here, I rediscovered my love for cotton candy and kiddie rides. No lie, I probably wasted $20 trying to knock a few blocks down for the reward of an oversized Scooby-Doo stuffed animal. And was shaking and wining while waiting on line for the roller coaster (where I was by far the oldest, most nervous person there). And yup, I cried, and there’s video to prove it.

Here are some shots of the day below. And regarding my outfit, every single item from head to toe (literally) is from Zara. Wait I lied! Exception of my sunglasses, which are by Asos.






Me and my little brother 🙂



Me and my little brother pt. 2 🙂



Making a Statement with Graphics


Fashion and one’s personal style is a great way to express yourself. This is often done by dressing certain ways (ie. preppy, edgy…), but one easy way to make a statement is with graphic t’s. A graphic t is a true go-to piece, as you can dress them up with a statement necklace or jacket, or down with a pair of your favorite jeans. Nowadays there are so many fun graphics and sayings that make their way onto t-shirts that it’s almost impossible to have a dull outfit whilst rocking one. Fun, witty, and often quite serious, there’s no better way to make a statement than by literally writing it on your shirt! Oh, and bonus— they’re often pretty inexpensive (I mean, they’re just tshirts!). I find that Zara always has some creative and chic graphics, and they change them up each season. In their most recent collection, the brand incorporated many self motivating graphics, with other fun styles as well. Check out a few of my favs below:



Winter Obsession: Zara Outerwear

One item that I love to splurge on during the winter (and spring, and summer, and fall…) months are cute statement jackets. After many years of experimenting and searching in different stores, I have come to a definite conclusion that I am obsessed (yes, obsessed) with Zara jackets, and that they are the most affordable and stylish coats out there. Zara has a wide variety of jackets from bombers to trench coats to parkas to capes in a variety of fabrics from fur to sequin to leather to wool (and the list goes on). To be completely honest, I become overwhelmed every time I look at the site or walk into a store because I want to buy every single one. What makes me even more overwhelmed is that they seem to always be on sale, even during peak season. The jackets range from about $30 to $200. So yes, they’re very affordable, and yes, you are getting your money’s worth.

Here are a few of my favorite Zara jackets that are on sale now (btw it took way too long to narrow it down to just 5 jackets!).